Machinery Finance

If you require machinery to run your business, you know that having the right machine for the job is critical. The problem is that machinery can be expensive, so having the right machines represents a substantial capital investment.

Creditlink Australia offers a solution, by arranging a finance package that's not only affordable, but also has the flexibility to be structured to suit your business finances.
commercial equipment finance for business

When it's time to upgrade and replace aged machinery or acquire additional machinery to boost efficiency and productivity, we can help with the required funding and the right structure.

We work with business owners from all industry sectors and help in arranging finance for all types of machinery, such as:

  • Farming & Agriculture (e.g. tractors, balers, harvesters)
  • Materials Handling (e.g. forklifts,  conveyors, lifts)
  • Access machinery (e.g. scissor lifts, booms, cranes)
  • Earthmoving (e.g. bobcats, backhoes, graders,
  • Cabinet Making (e.g. panel saws, lathes, routers)
  • Metal Works (e.g. plasma cutters, guillotines, drill presses)
  • Drilling & Boring
  • Chippers & Mulchers
How it works....
Age of Machinery
* some age limits may apply
Purchased From Recognised Dealers &     Suppliers
Private sales
Finance Options
Chattel Mortgage
Hire Purchase

Contact us if you're:

  • Looking to expand your business and need to buy machinery
  • Need a finance package that offers flexibility
  • Wanting to know which type of finance is appropriate for your business and why

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