Cashflow Finance

From time to time, every business owner will find themselves in a position where they simply do not have funds immediately available to take advantage of an opportunity or to meet a financial commitment.

Generally, business loans offered by traditional bank lenders require security for the loan and often will be subject to a lengthy application approval process.

The reality is that sometimes, funds are required quickly and traditional funding methods often do not meet tight deadlines.

The scenarios can be varied:
  • A business might purchase equipment from overseas and the supplier requires a deposit paid in advance before shipping the goods.
  • Perhaps a supplier offers a substantial discount for bulk purchases of inventory.
  • A contractor has won a tender and requires additional personnel to commence works and needs o pay wages before getting paid for the project.
  • A business needs to complete renovations before the launch of the busy season.

In each case, the underlying questions are:

  • How can a loan be used to grow or improve the business?
  • What would happen if the business did not have the loan?

Cashflow finance differs from an asset-backed loan and provides a business with access to funds, based upon the expected earnings of the business, where the collateral for the loan is based on business assets.

How it works

Generally, this product is an unsecured loan, meaning the lender holds no security or collateral for the loan. For lager loan amounts (usually greater than $100k), security will be taken as a charge over business assets.

Funds are provided as business loan for a fixed term with regular repayments made weekly (sometimes daily). 

This product is suitable for businesses with regular (daily/weekly/ monthly) sales income.


Loan Purpose

Any business purpose - renovations, marketing, to purchase inventory or new equipment, repairs, general working capital, financial re-structuring, wages, ATO payments.

The loan cannot be used for personal purpose.

Amount of Finance

Loans from $5,000 to $250,000.

Term of Finance

Loan terms between 3 and 24 months.
The average term is 6 months.


Cashflow friendly repayments that are either daily or weekly.

Immediate Cashflow
This method of finance provides fast business funding for growth, to take advantage of an opportunity or to support cash flow.


Debtor finance facilities are generally ongoing, in line with normal trading terms extended to Debtors. This means that there is a continuing income stream available to be utilised for ongoing business purposes

Preserves Profit
Many businesses offer discounts to their Debtors for prompt payment of accounts and invoices. Under a Debtor Finance arrangement, a business receives funds based on the face value of invoices, thereby preserving profit.

Creditlink Australia has partnered with Prospa to help small business with fast and flexible funding solutions.

Prospa is Australian owned and operated, specialising in providing funding to Australian small businesses and dedicated to helping small business where traditional banks will not.

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