Insurance Premium Funding

Whatever business you're in, insurance cover is something you can't avoid or ignore.

Whether the insurance is mandatory (such as Worksafe) or you choose insurance cover (such as Indemnity or for business assets), the risks are real and so is the cost.

Unlike other business expenses, these premiums are often payable in a single lump sum payment - and that can mean a big hit to cash flow.

We can help to spread the cost of insurance premiums with regular and manageable repayments.

Even better, the insurance policy will be renewed immediately, which means you can also take advantage of "early payment" discounts.

For example, if your annual insurance premium is $49,000, a 5% early payment discount means a saving of $2,450.00.

So the overall cost of insurance to your business can be reduced, while you keep your cash flow steady.

There are several types of Insurance premiums we can assist with. To find out more, click here.

Or simply contact us today about your insurance premium and find out how we can help.

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  • Have an Insurance Premium to be paid
  • Need a better arrangement to cover the cost of Insurance
  • Want to consolidate different insurance premiums
  • Want the convenience to manage all payments by the one facility
  • Want the flexibility to nominate a preferred payment date
  • Want an easy and hassle free process

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