Car Warranty (Extended)

When you buy a new car, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that it's covered under warranty, so unforeseen faults & breakdowns can be repaired quickly and without cost.

But what happens when the new car warranty expires and you still own the car?

You can still protect yourself against costly repairs by extending the car's warranty. When the manufacturer's warranty expires, the Extended Warranty commences and continues to provide protection.

How it Works..

Warranty Cover Available for
New Cars
Used Cars
* must be purchased while manufacturers Warranty is still valid

Warranty Components Covered
Mechanical components
(e.g. engine, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes, fuel systems, air conditioning, heating & cooling)

Electrical components (e.g. instruments, engine management systems)
Body components (e.g. door & window mechanisms, tailgates)
* Does not cover wear & tear items

Range of Cover
Select from a range of coverage options

Contact us if:

  • You want to extend your car's warranty
  • Have questions about coverage
  • Need more information or want a copy of Extended Warranty brochure

Need more information?

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provide further details.

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